Taiwan Dedicated Server

Stable, safe and efficient operation

About Our Taiwan Dedicated Server

Myasiacloud’s Taiwan cloud server is an anti-attack cloud architecture. In addition to providing highly flexible cloud resource usage, it also provides high-defense IP. It has professional OSI third, fourth, and seventh-layer DDoS defense functions, significantly reducing attacks. The resulting network congestion, coupled with the support of an all-around technical team and various solution structures, ensures network connectivity and provides customers with safe and stable service quality.

Server With Multiple Protection

Advantages of Taiwan's Dedicated Server

Provide dedicated IP for enterprise users

Hide the protected origin server to prevent hackers from obtaining the real IP of the origin.

Support Linux/Windows operating system

(Windows does not provide authorization), whether it is Linux or Windows operating system, our Taiwan dedicated server is compatible.

All-round DDoS Defense

After renting the Taiwan Anti-Defense cloud server, the Taiwan Anti-Defense CDN node will provide full-service scene defense against large-traffic DDoS attacks and ensure that the website speed will not be affected.

OSI Layer 4 Security Defense

Protection through Taiwan's high-defense CDN node, security protection, vulnerability management, crawler risk management, anti-ransomware, anti-virus.

OSI layer 7 CC attack cleaning

With automatic intrusion detection and defense capabilities, it can completely monitor whether there are suspicious activities and intrusions in the OSI seventh-layer network architecture. If there is an attack, the defense system will perform traffic cleaning to block CC attacks.

Taiwan Dedicated server plan

Our server rental can be configured according to the defense peak value required by the customer’s actual usage scenario.




Defense peak:100G

SSD hard disk:60GB

Clean bandwidth:10Mbps






Defense peak:200G

SSD hard disk:60GB

Clean bandwidth:20Mbps






Defense peak:300G

SSD hard disk:60GB

Clean bandwidth:30Mbps






Defense peak:500G

SSD hard disk:60GB

Clean bandwidth:50Mbps



Clean Bandwidth Plus Purchase

After the anti-cloud server attack is cleaned, the clean bandwidth can be purchased additionally.

The high-defense products of Myasiacloud, in addition to the Hong Kong dedicated server and Taiwan dedicated server, also have CDN high-speed and protection integrated solutions without filing, and fake wall attack solutions. Contact us to learn more!

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