Cloud Gaming Solution

Creating a virtualized, highly available game cluster for your game business


Series Of Cloud Gaming Products

Dedicated Cluster

Building a low-virtualization, high-availability game cluster. Each data center of MyAsiaCloud’s are equipped with 10-gigabit independent fiber, and a robust real-time monitoring and fault alert system. Hardware protection can reach up to 300G, effectively defending against DDoS attacks, ensuring a stable and secure network for game users.

High-Availability Products

MyAsiaCloud’s offers high IO performance dedicated cloud servers tailored for game cloud users, with an average read/write speed of up to 1000Mb per second, effectively eliminating game lag. Additionally, through the latest security technologies, it achieves high-security isolation capabilities to ensure a secure gaming user experience.

Dedicated Customer Service

MyAsiaCloud’s provides distinguished 1-on-1 VIP dedicated secretarial service to game cloud users. Our professional engineers offer guidance for deploying games and provide expert architectural support for online game deployments. We offer professional support and the dedicated secretary responds to user needs within 60 seconds, arranging and addressing issues. Our operations team actively maintains the system 365 days a year, with real-time monitoring.

Why Choose Game Cloud Solution?

Intelligent Distribution Network For Game Updates

Combining open storage services with content delivery network (CDN) services allows for efficient, low-cost distribution and acceleration of game upgrade updates and client-side content.

Say Goodbye To High Ping In Games

Exclusive game cloud server clusters with high IO read and write performance. Ensuring stable IOPS even under high concurrency, effectively preventing game lag, enhancing player experience, and retention rate.

Massive Game Log Storage

Enabling a simple logging service to store and query game logs, integrating log data into ODPS (Open Data Processing Service) through DPC (Data Pipeline Center), and achieving massive log data analysis to provide data support for game cloud users.

No More Slow Loading Speed

MyAsiaCloud's servers are equipped with 10-gigabit independent BGP multi-line bandwidth and high-quality dual-line protection, perfectly addressing player connectivity between north and south regions. No more waiting to enter, achieving unified management across regions. With 300G hardware protection, it effortlessly handles DDoS attacks, ensuring a stable gaming experience for players.

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