Dedicated Server

Choose the best dedicated server for your business applications, handle huge of website traffic and secure your customers data.

With MyAsiaCloud, you can rely on our expertise in bare-metal technology. Host your website, deploy your high-resilience infrastructure or customise your machine to suit your projects in just a few clicks.


Best dedicated server to help your business grow faster

Why Choose Our Dedicated Server?

High Performance

By opting for a dedicated server, you can rest assured that all of its resources are allocated to you — so you get the best performance. Our dedicated server are designed, assembled, and maintained by our teams to offer optimised configurations for your projects.

High Scalability

By creating an infrastructure with MyAsiaCloud dedicated server, you are building a reliable technical platform for your business applications. The scalability of your infrastructure is further enhanced by the ability to connect your servers with other MyAsiaCloud products or solutions.

High Availability

Deploy your dedicated server in seconds, in our data centers around the world. Get all the benefits of a secure, high-resilience network to ensure service continuity for your customers.

High Transparency

We provide clear information on pricing, services and options. All of our solutions come with features included by default at no extra cost.

High Durability

By opting for an MyAsiaCloud dedicated server, you get innovative and unique solutions across our entire infrastructure — such as water-cooling for energy efficiency. We are constantly working to anticipate your future needs.

What Included With Our Dedicated Server?

Bandwidth & Unlimited Traffic

Each MyAsiaCloud dedicated server has a minimum public bandwidth of 500 Mbit/s, with a burst available to absorb occasional peak traffic. Incoming and outgoing traffic is unlimited and free (with the exception of our datacentres located in Asia Pacific). You also have the option of increasing your bandwidth capacity, if necessary.

Backup Storage Space

Each dedicated server has a free 500GB storage space, independent from the server, to store your data.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

All of our servers benefit from a service level agreement (SLA), which ranges from 99.90% to 99.99% depending on the range. This guarantees optimal availability for your services.

Professional Technical Support

When you opt for MyAsiaCloud dedicated servers, you get technical support by phone and email.

Anti-DDoS Protection

To guarantee maximum security for your infrastructures, an anti-DDoS system is included with all MyAsiaCloud dedicated servers.

Wide Range Of Operating Systems & Distributions

A number of operating systems and distributions are available to install automatically via the MyAsiaCloud control panel.

Frequently Asked Questions

The delivery time is the time it takes for your dedicated server to be provided to you. This time period starts once you have paid for your order. It is given as an estimate, and is not a contractual guarantee.

With MyAsiaCloud, you get unlimited, non-metered traffic included as a standard (excludes datacentres located in the Asia-Pacific region). However, the network resources are shared between customers. Bandwidth has a fair usage rule (apart from users who have signed up to the guaranteed bandwidth option). To ensure optimal performance for all of our customers, MyAsiaCloud reserves the right to limit a services outgoing public bandwidth throughput by up to 50%, if it has a detrimental effect on network quality for other users.

It depends on the dedicated server package that you purchase. Dedicated server will be ready within one working day (terms and conditions apply).

Yes. We offer free 24 x 7 x 365 first class technical support. Our support team is working on shifts 24 x 7 x 365 including public holidays and is ready to assists you any time.

At MyAsiaCloud, anti-DDoS protection is a mandatory feature with all our solutions. It guarantees optimal security for your servers and infrastructures.