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MyAsiaCloud provides customers in various industries with [Cloud, Network, Acceleration, Defense, Security] one-stop cloud system integration services, creating high-speed, stable and secure network technology services, so that global users no longer worry about network delays and focus on Global business expansion.

introduction About Us

MyAsiaCloud is oriented to customers in major industries such as e-Commerce, Gaming industries, Live-Stream, Video On-Demand, Communications, NFT, Blockchain e-wallets, and Finance. Comprehensive Cloud Services: Your All-in-One Solution for  Cloud Servers, Private Data Networking, CDN Acceleration, DDoS Protection Solution, CC Attack Defense.

MyAsiaCloudd is committed to becoming a leader in the network acceleration security industry. Its main business includes cloud servers, international data private line networking, CDN China mainland acceleration, CDN global acceleration, DDoS defense, CC defense, fake wall attack defense, etc. One-stop professional Customized cloud services.

With its rich experience in resisting hacker attacks, high-performance cloud computing and cloud security products, and 7×24 hours of technical support from a team of senior technical engineers, MyAsiaCloud has won unanimous praise from many customers in the industry. Customers can focus on promoting and expanding their business without worrying about network cards. delay problem.


Established MyAsiaCloud Technology Co., Ltd. in Taiwan and cooperated with many well-known CDN manufacturers


Launched a "cloud, network, acceleration, defense, security" one-stop cloud system integration solution
R & D and launch of integrated CDN (Multi-CDN accelerated defense integration solution)
Assisting manufacturers to successfully defend against CC attacks with 3 billion attack requests


Set up a new company in Malaysia
Continue to expand the team


Title sponsorship to participate in The 3rd Boniu Cloud Expo
Provide full CDN acceleration + DDoS defense services and 7×24-hour technical support for the development of the exhibition


Participate in the G2E Asia Asia International Entertainment Exhibition in Singapore
The development team develops intelligent defense
Integrate the CDN platform to optimize functions and improve efficiency
Continuous and stable growth

Advantages of myasiacloud


Myasiacloud vertically integrates the resources of multiple manufacturers to create [cloud, network, acceleration, protection, security] one-stop cloud services for customers, so that every customer can enjoy a stable and fast high-performance network experience, no longer subject to high latency Or troubled by disconnection, concentrate on expanding business at home and abroad.

For customers in various industries such as e-commerce, games, live broadcasting, communications, and finance, Asia Yunhai’s professional business personnel and top-notch engineer team will develop solutions that best meet your needs and are most cost-effective for you.

Myasiacloud Multi-CDN Accelerated Defense Solution provides 3 days of free testing to assist customers in configuration and troubleshooting to meet business needs and allow customers to purchase our products with peace of mind and enjoy high-end services.

Myasiacloud has a team of experienced technical engineers, providing 7×24 hours of professional technical pre-sales and after-sales support, responding quickly to problems, and ensuring the safety and stability of your business.