With a sophisticated global infrastructure Myasia Cloud facilitates business expansion and extension through IaaS and other cloud-based solutions.

Are You Facing These Problems?​

Legacy systems have vulnerabilities that can be exploited in numerous ways threatening security and continuity.

Cloud solutions can be challenging to manage and require disproportionate time and resources to fully grasp.

Cloud solutions do not allow compliance with regulatory and access, information and data control requirements.

Cloud solutions very expensive.

Migrating from a Legacy System to Cloud platform can be operationally complex and challenging to execute.

Legacy systems struggle to keep up with technological and volumetric demands, have proven to be difficult to manage and scale.

Why Choose Us?

With a reliable, sophisticated and global Cloud Service Infrastructure, MyAsiaCloud through this solutions can fulfill all customer requirements. State of the art architecture and exemplary technological protocols at physical and infrastructure layer allow to meet all needs. With our solution, we will implement the perfect solution for your business. And, optimize it to scale dynamically as per your requirements.

With our Managed Services allow us to migrate your data, computing and networking resources from your legacy systems on to our cloud platform. Following the best protocols and policies, we will complete your migration onto MAC IaaS while maintaining operational and business continuity.

We are focusing on providing our clients with the highest level of security. To ensure the safety of customer data and workload and maintain continuity, we stake our reputation on our ability to provide secure IaaS solutions. We guarantee security through rigorous adherence to all requisite cloud security standards, certifications, the commitment of considerable resources. And, the end-to-end nature of MAC IaaS and sophisticated technological protocols. With our Managed Services allow us to implement the best practices, settings and protocols to ensure maximum security and guarantee high availability of your solution.

Through our Managed Services allow us to manage all of your resources and infrastructure on our cloud platform, providing turnkey solutions that encompass migration, configuration, optimization, security, monitoring and maintenance on MAC IaaS. Our experts will ensure high availability, high security and operational excellence, while mitigating delays and disruptions.

Historically our clients have belonged to several industries, as such their cloud requirements have differed considerably. In highly sensitive environments, with immense regulatory rigor, clients have opted for dedicated private cloud. Additionally, some companies, due to numerous operational complexities, have possessed variable IT workload sensitivities and differing IT regulatory, security and performance requirements, opting instead for hybrid cloud. Both private and hybrid cloud environments have been delivered via our IaaS solutions. Through our Managed Services allow us to assist not just in your migration to private and hybrid cloud environments but also in your acclimatization to the MAC IaaS solution.

MyasiaCloud delivers sustainable IaaS solutions that add unmatched and multifaceted, operational and business value. However, as a customer-centric company we understand the concerns around price and costs. As such we provide our cloud solutions at competitive prices. Furthermore, with our managed services we can optimize the settings and parameters on your MAC IaaS solution, allowing you to save costs extensively on all possible levels

Benefits of MAC IaaS

High Scalability

In MAC IaaS, scaling businesses only pay for the resources they use, significantly improving the financial viability of our IaaS solution relative to legacy systems. With rich instance specifications, flexible expansion and the ability to upgrade at any time to meet all business needs, MyAsiaCloud facilitates scalability in an unmatched fashion.

High Security and Storage

MAC IaaS security protocols are characterized by network security, server security, real-time cloud monitoring, early warning etc. In conjunction MyAsiaCloud implements three-tier storage innovation technology, backup data and sophisticated technological protocols to ensure that data security in IaaS and all other cloud services is as high as 99.999%.

Flexible Turnkey Solutions

MAC IaaS allows clients to deal with complex business environments and fulfill varied regulatory and security requirements. Our cloud solution requires minimal client intervention in its implementation and provides the necessary flexibility at the architecting and conceptualization stage. Thus, MyAsiaCloud drastically reduces their clients' burdens of resources and allocation.

Managed Services

By providing managed services, MyAsiaCloud seeks to make clients' transition from their legacy systems to MAC IaaS smooth and uncomplicated. Whether it is migration, configuration, optimization, security, monitoring, maintenance and more, MyAsiaCloud has Managed Services to fulfill all management functions required by clients for their MAC IaaS solution.

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