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Speciality Of Cloud

Your important data, apps and privacy information always protected by us anytime, everywhere.


Regain visibility and control of IT and security across on-prem, public cloud, SaaS, and the Internet


Accelerate application and network performance while rapidly developing new applications


Improve security and resilience while reducing your attack surface, vendor count, and tool sprawl


Reduce cost and complexity to reinvest resources in your highest priorities

What Cloud Services We Offer?

MyAsiaCloud is oriented to customers in major industries such as e-commerce, gaming application, live-stream, video on-demand, communications, NFT, blockchain e-wallets and more. We are cloud services provider and provide cloud servers, private data networking, CDN acceleration and DDoS protection solution.


Gaming Applications


Video On-Demand

Blockchain e-wallets

Our Cloud products

Cloud Server

Come with high-performance SSD drive, make sure your business can run smoothly even during peak periods.

Dedicated Server

Efficient, stable and high security servers can effectively defend against DDoS attacks and protect your business.


Allow every user from different countries can load the website content as quickly as possible.

DDoS Protection

Effectively defend against large-scale DDoS attacks, ensure the cloud server still can be used as normal when attacked.

Samurai Website Security

Best solution to protect your server from DDoS attacks or malware from hackers or spammers.

Enterprise MPLS Solution

Suitable for the transmission of voice, data, intranet, social software multimedia information and more.

Your Best Choice Of Cloud Solutions

Global CDN Acceleration

We have many nodes in more than 70 countries around the world and we can dispatch the best nodes and routes for customers at any time to achieve global CDN acceleration.

Routing Optimization

A number of CN2 boutique lines are directly connected to mainland China, which is the best choice for entering the China market and expand your business.

High Quality Global Line

Invest a lot of manpower and material resources in independent research and development, create exclusive technology and accelerate defense capabilities comparable to international major manufacturers.

Program Customization

Our products can be customised based on customer needs, we always provide the most suitable solution according to your needs and budget to protect your business.

One-Stop Cloud Solution

“Cloud, Network, Acceleration, Defense, Security” one-stop cloud integration service, so that every customers can have a safe and fast network to focus on their own business development.

3-Days Free Trial

The Multi-CDN accelerated defense solution comes with 3-day free trial to help customers configure and check the status, insist on paying after customers are satisfied and cooperate with peace of mind.


4 Layers Of Protection

It supports layer-7 proxies such as http, https, and websocket and also supports layer-4 protocols such as tcp and udp. For defense, you can set a limit on the number of single IP connections and limit area access control.

24/7 Technical Support

We have provide 7×24 hours of professional pre-sales and after-sales technical support team with a team of senior technical engineers to respond and solve your problems quickly.