Cloud Server

Grow your business faster with our high-performance, most reliable and the new generation of cloud server. No upfront costs or commitments required.

Easy to setup and get started in seconds with fast deployment. Save your times and focus on your own business.

cloud server

One stop flexible cloud solution for your business

We turn your dream into infinite possibilities

High and consistent performance

Powered by enterprise-grade CPUs and improved by our in-house high speed technology. Our cloud servers stand out among competitors with high CPU and high memory plans.

Easy and flexible scaling

Start off quickly and easily with the resources you require, and as your business expands, scale up in a matter of clicks. There is no need to overprovision services because switching between different plan types and plans is simple.

Resilient to fault

Multiple redundancies Exclude any single- point- of- failure with capacity to alleviate issues following failure or attack with automated restarts to recover with minimum interruption.

Security taken seriously

Highest level of security upheld by maintaining the latest security updates and strict access control at each of our physical locations. Your cloud business are kept safe and secure.

Best cloud solution for your business

Why Choose Us?

High Performance Server

The high performance server optimized and greatly improved, as you no need share your resources with others. A cloud server gives you excellent reliability and high availability.

Fast Setup In Seconds

All cloud servers comes with default deployed technology, allowing you to create and boot up new cloud servers in seconds.

Fast Cloning Process

Easy to setup a new staging environment by cloning one of your cloud servers or backups. Plus, convert it into a template and considerably can save you a lot of deployment times.

Daily Server Backup

Our cloud server hosting comes with daily off-server backup. You can even prolong the retention period up to 60 days with additional addons.

Root Access

You will have full root-level access allowing you to install anything and everything you require to power your website.

Best Firewall Service

We secure your cloud server with L3 Firewall service to avoid your cloud business from malware and DDoS attacks.

Comparison of Other Cloud Server Vendors With MyAsiaCloud

Service Availability (SLA)

Data Persistence

Network Availability

Virtualization Architecture

Resource Oversold

Delivery Time

APP Attack Protection

Online Transfer

Control Panel

Attack Protection

SSD Performance

OEM Capability

Self-Built Data Center

Resource Monitor Warning

MyAsiaCloud cloud Server





never oversold

1-10 minutes

complete isolation

all self-completion

55G free DDoS protection

random read 800M/s, random write 500M/sr

Other cloud Server vendors

most 99% to 99.95%


overbought conditions are common

minutes to hours

generally not fully resolved

partially semi-automatic

mostly no free protection


mostly no self-built data centers

mostly no

Traditional Dedicated Server





mostly no free protection


mostly no self-built data centers

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You will have the root access and total control of your own cloud server.

Our entire infrastructure is manage by our own engineer located in Malaysia. Our Data-Center standard with Tier 3 verified.

It depends on the cloud server package that you purchase. Cloud server will be ready within one working day (terms and conditions apply).

Yes. We offer free 24 x 7 x 365 first class technical support. Our support team is working on shifts 24 x 7 x 365 including public holidays and is ready to assists you any time.