Finance Cloud Solution

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Finance Cloud Solution

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High and consistent performance

The data standards and interfaces of various financial systems and institutions need further standardization to facilitate more convenient data exchange and processing. However, in reality, multiple institutions often use different standards or interfaces, making system integration a challenging task.

Data Security

The financial industry has higher demands for data security and user privacy protection than any other sector. The financial sector deals with the management of money, making issues such as customer privacy, data security, and product safety especially critical.

High Data Volume

In foreign countries, if a bank’s customer or account numbers exceed ten million, it is considered a large bank. However, this is comparable to the data volume of some provincial branches of the four major banks in China. For instance, in 2002, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China completed a data centralization project with over 300 million accounts. The large data volume has posed challenges for data storage and processing, and it has simultaneously placed significant demands on the processing capabilities of IT equipment.

High Costing

Integrating cloud solutions into the financial system and institutions faces challenges such as high technical investment, elevated costs, reduced flexibility, increased operational complexity, and extended delivery timelines.

Why Choose Finance Cloud Solution?

Simple Operation, Flexible Management

Cluster technology enables multiple nodes to participate in computations, automates parallel processing, and balances workloads. Myasiacloud's Asian Cloud Sea servers are built on a cluster-based architecture with a very high level of hardware redundancy, easily addressing hardware failure issues.

High Performance System

MyAsiaCloud's cloud servers are equipped with Intel Haswell CPUs and DDR4 memory, providing enhanced memory computational capabilities. They come with I/O optimization instances enabled by default, coupled with SSD solid-state drives for improved storage performance.

BGP Multi-line Routes

Our servers provide BGP multi-line dedicated routes for financial cloud users. The optimal access route is determined by backbone routers on the network based on route hops and other technical indicators, without consuming any server system resources. Both upstream and downstream routes of the server can choose the most optimal path, enabling truly high-speed single-IP access

Low Cost,High Performance

With the expansion of data centers and the continuous growth of our business, the operation of information management systems has become increasingly complex. MyAsiaCloud's cloud servers come with a user-friendly and flexible User Management Center for users, making it simple and convenient for them to manage their business.

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Finance Cloud Solution