MAC DDoS Defender

By 2025, cybercrime damages will exceed USD 10 Trillion, annually. With a vast global Content Delivery Network (CDN) and advanced technological protocols, MyAsiaCloud helps businesses secure themselves from cyberattacks (DDoS, CC, etc.) through our CDN powered MAC Defender solution.

MyAsiaCloud Enterprise DDoS Solution

Most Powerful DDoS Defender

100 billion daily threats stopped

MyAsiaCloud DDoS software blocks 100 billion daily threats on average. Our global network spans over 300 cities & 100 countries to stop attacks on the frontlines.

Easy setup in seconds

Easily onboard in minutes from the dashboard or our API. Adding MyAsiaCloud DDoS security, performance, and reliability functionality is as easy as flipping a switch.

24/7 email & phone support

Award winning, global, 24/7/365 email & emergency phone support. Plus on-demand resources, guides & best practice implementation.

You Might Facing These Problems

If Without A Good DDoS Defender......

DDoS attacks cause websites and apps to slow down, even become offline.

DDoS Attacks cause website and app shutdown, resulting in catastrophic business disruptions and discontinuities.

Cyberattacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, rendering most defence solutions obsolete.

Node level attacks can result in website and app slowdown even when a different website or app is being targeted.

Implementation complexities, inadequate technical support and dissatisfying customer service make anti-DDoS solutions less attractive.

Benefits of MAC DDoS Defender

Low Latency

In the event of a DDoS attack, website/app/resource speed is not compromised. Our CDN powered MAC Defender solution, through a distributed architecture, unique technological protocols and optimized routing, takes traffic away from the node under attack, cleans said traffic and routes traffic through the optimal available node, thus maintaining speed and providing security.

Dedicated Nodes

Our CDN powered solution provides clients with dedicated nodes when deploying MAC Defender. This in-turn provides security at the website/app IP level, providing robust and comprehensive protection from DDoS attacks at all possible levels.

Unmatched Support & Monitoring

MyAsiaCloud provides high-quality, 24/7 customer support and backend monitoring. A team of top security technical engineers monitors and intercepts attacks in real-time and responds to various complex DDoS attacks at any time. MyAsiaCloud provides a comprehensive SLA guaranteeing round-the-clock support for our CDN powered solution.

Security & Continuity

Utilizing unique technological protocols and our vast, global and reliable CDN, MAC Defender has defensive capabilities above Tbps level. It can detect all types of DDoS attacks in 5 seconds or less and block them in 10 seconds or less, mitigating them through various defense methods. With 4Tb of bandwidth reserved during attacks, multi-resource backups and intelligent node switching on our CDN, continuity is maintained, ensuring that websites/apps function almost optimally even during a DDoS attack.

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