DDoS Protection

Our DDoS protection help protect your online business against malicious cyber threats and ensuring uninterrupted operations.

With MyAsiaCloud DDoS solution, you no need to worry about any malicious attack threats and vulnerabilities again.


MyAsiaCloud DDoS Defender 

Most Powerful DDoS Protection Software

100 billion daily threats stopped

MyAsiaCloud DDoS software blocks 100 billion daily threats on average. Our global network spans over 300 cities & 100 countries to stop attacks on the frontlines.

Easy setup in seconds

Easily onboard in minutes from the dashboard or our API. Adding MyAsiaCloud DDoS security, performance, and reliability functionality is as easy as flipping a switch.

24/7 email & phone support

Award winning, global, 24/7/365 email & emergency phone support. Plus on-demand resources, guides & best practice implementation.

DDoS Protection Service That Works

• Instant attack notifications

Mail, SMS, and mobile app

• Easy monitoring

Network traffic and application analytics

• Uncover the real threats

Layer 3/4 and Layer 7 event correlation via Attack Analytics

• Integration with your SIEM

Works seamlessly with the leading SIEMs

DDoS Protection

• Quick deployment and scaling

Software-defined network (SDN) automated tuning

• The best traffic routing

Advanced Anycast at the edge

• Real-time capacity management

Load conditions, granularity of Internet pipes for every point of presence (PoP)

• Minimal latency to 95% of the globe

Global mesh network

DDoS Protection

DDoS Protection Services

MyAsiaCloud offers three DDoS solutions designed to protect anything connected to the Internet:

MyAsiaCloud DDoS Protection Services:

Website DDoS Defender - Web Services (L7)

Unmetered and free in all MyAsiaCloud service plans.

Application DDoS Defender - Spectrum (L4)

To reverse proxy, pay-as-you-go service for all TCP/UDP applications (gaming, VOIP, etc.).

Network DDoS Defender - Magic Transit (L3)

For on-premise, cloud, & hybrid networks. Combine DDoS protection, traffic acceleration, & more.

DDoS Protection