MAC CDN Accelerator

With a vast global Content Delivery Network (CDN) and advanced technological protocols MyAsiaCloud helps businesses accelerate their website/app content through our powered MAC Accelerator solution.

Deliver faster websites/apps through our powered solution

Leverage to accelerate dynamic content on your digital offerings
with no latency concerns

Maximize global engagement and website/app performance through our
powered solution

Are You Facing These Problems Without CDN?

Websites/Apps slowing down as end users increase.

Drastic increases in bandwidth costs Website/App end users increases.

High growth of rate of Website/App end users makes scaling challenging and costly.

Suboptimal global reach because of distance, bandwidth and server load concerns.

Drastic increases in server load as Website/App end users increase, resulting in suboptimal server performance and crashes.

Why Choose MAC CDN Accelerator?

Modern websites/apps are dense with content (photos, videos, dynamic content), which considerably increases data processing burdens, resulting in slowdown. With MAC Accelerator, distribute your content across over 2800 nodes capable of handling @ TBs of Data. Thus, reducing your data processing burden and accelerating your website/app.

Content heavy websites/apps, leading to a monopolization of server capacity, resulting in increased server load. With MAC Accelerator distribute your content across our vast global CDN, resulting in a freeing up of server capacity and reduction of server load. With our Managed Services, allow us to optimize your MAC Accelerator solution and dynamic server load balancing.

With MAC Accelerator, your content can distribute across global and resulting in end users accessing said content. Consequently, the download of content from origin server reduces considerably, resulting in a significant decrease in bandwidth costs. Through our Managed Services, allow us to optimize your MAC Accelerator solution and provide powered dynamic bandwidth reduction.

One of the ways to ensure that content heavy Website/App loading speeds and by extension end user experience remains unaffected is to increase infrastructure. However this can be costly and time intensive, making it an infeasible solution for scaling. With MAC Accelerator distribute your content across our vast global CDN, resulting in end users accessing said content through our CDN. This reduces server load and makes infrastructure increases unnecessary, making it a significantly more feasible solution for scaling. Via our Managed Services, allow us to dynamically scale your usage as per your server load.

Our MAC Accelerator is distributed across over 70 PoPs in more than 40 countries and @ edge locations. Distributing your content across our vast global CDN, results in end users accessing said content from the nearest edge location. This in turn drastically reduces the distance that data travels. MAC Accelerator also reduces server load and bandwidth costs, thus allowing maximum possible users to access your website/app resulting in exceptional improvements in global reach. With our Managed Services, allow us to optimize your MAC Accelerator solution and use to meet your specific global reach requirements.

Benefits of MAC CDN Accelerator

High Availability and Speed With CDN

Our CDN powered MAC Accelerator solution ensures network availability and speed through intelligent node scheduling and optimized traffic scheduling. Multi-resource backups reduce risks and facilitate availability, while optimal node matching for users in different locations ensures high speeds.

Managed CDN Services

By providing managed services, MyAsiaCloud makes clients' implementation and usage of MAC Accelerator easy and uncomplicated. From configuration to optimization to security to monitoring to maintenance and more, MyAsia Cloud has Managed Services to fulfill all management functions required by clients for our CDN powered solution.

Unmatched Support & Monitoring Of CDN

MyAsiaCloud provides high-quality, 24/7 customer support and backend monitoring for our CDN powered solution, guaranteed through a comprehensive SLA.

Exponential Global CDN Acceleration

With a vast, global, and stable CDN hosted on reliable public and private Cloud infrastructure, along with groundbreaking technological practices and sophisticated optimization, MyAsiaCloud has managed to provide exponential global acceleration to clients across varied geographic regions. Our CDN powered MAC Accelerator solution has demonstrably maximized acceleration for both static and dynamic content.

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