E-Commerce Cloud Solution

Suitable for every business owners and help your business growth rapidly

All E-Commerce Sellers Are Facing...

Users Increase Rapidly

Number of users will increase dramatically when you expand your business through online rapidly. And, you need a system to record down all of the customers data.

Huge Website Traffic

Always facing many issues such as website down, cannot handle high traffic during peak period, customers can’t place orders and more. Why? Cause using shared hosting with others.

Worry Losing Customers Data

Always worry losing of customers data because of malicious attacks, DDoS attacks and more? Don’t worry, our E-commerce cloud solution comes with certified DDoS protection software.

Why Choose E-Commerce Cloud Solution?

High Speed Operation

High speed running in 365 days x 24 hours with professional system setup services, auto system monitoring and high quality of after sales services.

Daily Backup

You can backup all of the important data and information with just one click. Easy, efficient and make sure your private information secured.

Customisable System

Expand IT resources in seconds and make sure your business run smoothly when you launching promotional activities and more which will bring a lot of traffics to your website.

High Performance Server

Our e-commerce cloud solution built in with high performance server, easy to handle high traffic during peak period. And, easy to handle malicious attacks with our DDoS protection.

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E-commerce Cloud Solution