Amazon Web Services (AWS) have leveraged their vast global infrastructure to revolutionize companies' digital transformation and optimization through their cloud services.

Are You Facing These Problems Without AWS?

Legacy systems struggle to keep up with technological demands and are difficult to manage?

Migrating from a Legacy System to Cloud platform can be operationally complex and challenging to execute?

Growth and volumetric requirements make Legacy Systems costly and difficult to scale?

Cloud solutions can be challenging to manage and require disproportionate time and resources to fully grasp?

Legacy systems have security vulnerabilities that can be exploited in numerous ways?

Cloud solutions too high cost and very expensive for you and your business?

Why Choose MAC AWS IaaS?

With 32 Geographic Regions, 102 availability zones and 245 countries served, Amazon Web Services has the most extensive and robust Cloud Service Infrastructure in the world. Through our Managed Services, it allow us to architect and implement the perfect solution to meet your needs.

Our Managed Services allow us to migrate your data, computing and networking resources from your legacy systems on to AWS IaaS. Following the best protocols and policies, we will complete your migration onto AWS IaaS while maintaining operational and business continuity.

By committing considerable resources, the end-to-end nature of their infrastructure and unmatched technological prowess the security of clients using Amazon Web Services cloud platform is ensured. Through our Managed Services allow us to optimize and improve the security of your Amazon Web Services.

Our Managed Services allow us to manage all of your resources and infrastructure on Amazon Web Services cloud platform, providing turnkey solutions that encompass migration, configuration, optimization, security, monitoring and maintenance on AWS IaaS. Our experts will ensure high availability, high security and operational excellence, while mitigating delays and disruptions.

Given their size and technological capabilities, AWS can accommodate businesses of all sizes and growth rates on their cloud platform. Scaling businesses only pay for the resources they use, in a pay as you go model, significantly improving the financial viability of AWS IaaS relative to legacy systems. With our Managed Services allow us to optimize and ensuring continuity without delays and disruptions.

MyasiaCloud has a longstanding, multifaceted, fruitful and comprehensive relationship with AWS, we are their partners and their clients. This has allowed us to secure the best possible Amazon Web Services prices for our clients. Furthermore, with our managed services we can optimize the settings and allowing you to save costs extensively on all possible levels.

Benefits of MAC AWS IaaS

Fast Loading Speed With AWS

You can provision any number of resources within minutes, testing, and launching new ideas to market much faster. You can focus on your core business activities because others fully manage the IT infrastructure and computing resources.

High Reliability With AWS

IaaS providers, such as AWS, offer a highly reliable environment where replacement virtual machines can be rapidly and predictably commissioned. The service runs within Amazon's proven network infrastructure and data centers. For example, the Amazon EC2 Service Level Agreement commitment is 99.99% availability for each Amazon EC2 Region.

High Performance With AWS

Cloud providers have geographically distributed data centers that you can use to scale up your applications in locations that are physically closer to your customers. This might not be possible on your own if you have a limited server capacity and geographic reach. IaaS solutions give you a lot more options that you can use to both increase compute performance and reduce network latency.

Backup & Recovery With AWS

IaaS providers give you access to unlimited infrastructure for backup and disaster recovery. For example, you can duplicate your applications across multiple servers so that if one fails, another takes over. Similarly, you can sync data backups automatically and frequently to achieve redundancy and business continuity.

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