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Samurai Shield Protection

Best Solution To Protect Your Server From DDoS Attacks

MyAsiaCloud Samurai Shield

Enhance The Security Of Your Gaming Application and Defence Performance

MyAsiaCloud Samurai Shield Tailored Network Security Solution against Common DDoS and CC Attacks.

Beyond effectively defending against large-scale DDoS attacks (up to Tbps levels), it also holds the capability to address the gaming industry’s unique TCP protocol and CC attack challenges, while also achieving global acceleration, and also achieving global acceleration.

Technological innovation

Comprehensive innovations in network defense methods and algorithm technologies help the game industry to more efficiently solve large-traffic DDoS attacks and CC attacks.

Intelligent Scheduling

Defensive measures such as TCP online switching, node dynamic delivery, node pool dynamic change, and malicious client location are all aspects of defense.

Intelligent identification

Samurai Shield CC stream-by-flow algorithm confirms the authenticity and accuracy of each connection, completely solves CC attacks, and truly achieves zero error blocking and zero penetration.

Node Of Our Server Shield Protection

0 M+
Daily active
0 GB
business bandwidth
0 M+
peak equipment

Global Deployment of 5000+ Scrubbing Nodes for Multi-Room, Multi-Line, and High-Protection Deployment


Advantages of MyAsiaCloud Samurai Shield

We are committed to specifically solving Internet attacks and providing users with stable and high-quality Internet communication services.

TCP unaware continuation

Real-time synchronization of data is maintained between nodes, no perception of switching,
ensuring zero offline.

Support various clients

Support Windows, IOS, Android and other
client terminals.

Simple access and maintenance

Simple access, one-time access will benefit permanently; easy maintenance, only need
to maintain the data source machine.

Display the player's real IP

A variety of player real IP display methods are flexible and convenient, and can be independently selected according to the actual situation.

Wisdom Acceleration

The client automatically identifies the node communication quality to ensure that the user connects to the fastest node.

ignore cyber attacks

There is no upper limit for DDoS defense, no
matter how many G CCs are blocked, no
matterhow many bots.

SDK integration

The function can be realized by directly integrating the “Samurai Shield” SDK on the client side.

one line call

Do not change the original source code structure of the game, just call it in one line

multilingual support

C/C++/C#/VB/Java/Delphi/Objective-C, etc.

Flexible access

Independent selection of access methods, flexible and reliable

Diagram of the operating mechanism of MyAsiaCloud Samurai Shield

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