Enterprise MPLS

Enterprise exclusive MPLS VPN encrypted private line solution

Advantages of International Data Line

Myasiacloud provides enterprise-specific data transmission lines to transmit data and data between two points, and is suitable for the transmission of various applications such as voice, data, intranet, and social software multimedia information. Myasiacloud provides China CN2 and global Global backbone network, through BGP protocol, complete load balancing system and optimized routing, realizes enterprise network interconnection and reduces enterprise network delay.

MPLS VPN private line high-quality network low latency

MPLS VPN private line setting, using China CN2 and Global private line backbone network all over the world, ensures low latency and stability, and provides a smooth remote system management experience.

SLA Guarantee of
MPLS VPN Private Line

Myasiacloud private line service has an SLA guarantee, making commitments to network availability, packet loss rate, delay, jitter, bandwidth utilization, bandwidth services, etc., to ensure the stability of the network connection throughout the process.

MPLS VPN private line security encryption

The MPLS encryption technology is applied and set on the VPN, which has the security of Layer 2 and the scalability of Layer 3. MPLS VPN encryption ensures the security of your data.

Pick up on demand, cost controllable

Myasiacloud MPLS VPN dedicated line can provide different solutions according to different budgets, flexible configuration of dedicated line bandwidth, on-demand access, control the investment cost of enterprise dedicated line networking, and provide comprehensive and integrated solutions, so that the price of MPLS VPN dedicated line is no longer become a burden on business spending.

7x24 hours technical support

Masiacloud's senior engineer technical team provides 7x24 hours of service, responding quickly and handling emergencies.

myAsiaCloud provides comprehensive network solutions

Application scenarios include: Cloud-to-Cloud interconnection solution; Site-to-Site interconnection solution; Mobile/Home to Office solution; enhanced WAN acceleration service solution; unified access service solution.

MyAsiaCloud Dedicated Line Resources

MyAsiaCloud Yundian has covered more than 70 countries and regions around the world, helping customers realize global network interconnection.

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