cloud server

Cloud Server

Effortless Traffic Control and High-Speed Performance

Why Choose Our Server Solution?

Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)

MyAsiaCloud uses BGP lines to completely solve the problem of north-south interco-nnection. At the same time, it is disaster-tolerant, ensuring the security and stability of the line so that users can experience the best access speed.

Pure SSD architecture

Build a high-performance enterprise-level cloud server with pure SSD architecture, and use high-end Intel Haswell CPU, high-frequency DDR4 memory, and high-speed Sas3 SSD flash memory as the underlying hardware configuration to create a fast access experience.

Reliable and stable performance

MyAsiaCloud server realizes complete isol-ation between cloud hosts at the hardware level; it uses high-end servers for deployment, and adopts centralized management and monitoring to ensure stable and reliable business.

Flexible deployment
easy access to the cloud

For enterprise-level users in different industries and fields, we help users quickly apply cloud computing with professional and mature one-stop industry cloud solutions.

Hot migration across computer rooms

Break through geographical restrictions and easily cope with operational problems caused by time and space. Data can be migrated from one computer room to another in as little as 5 minutes at the fastest.

Three-tier storage technology

Cache, precipitation, and backup layers. The three layers process data, cache, and disaster recovery respectively. The three layers are synchronized in real time. The data security reaches 99.999%, and the high availability reaches 99.99%.

Comparison of Other Cloud Server Vendors With MyAsiaCloud

Service Availability (SLA)

Data Persistence

Network Availability

Virtualization Architecture

Resource Oversold

Delivery Time

APP Attack Protection

Online Transfer

Control Panel

Attack Protection

SSD Performance

OEM Capability

Self-Built Data Center

Resource Monitor Warning

MyAsiaCloud cloud Server





never oversold

1-10 minutes

complete isolation

all self-completion

55G free DDoS protection

random read 800M/s, random write 500M/sr

Other cloud Server vendors

most 99% to 99.95%


overbought conditions are common

minutes to hours

generally not fully resolved

partially semi-automatic

mostly no free protection


mostly no self-built data centers

mostly no

Traditional Dedicated Server





mostly no free protection


mostly no self-built data centers

Features of our cloud server


Basic protection such as network security and server security; cloud monitoring and monitoring, real-time early warning. The monitoring and alarm service of the server provides real-time monitoring, and the performance level is clear at a glance.


Myasiacloud adopts three-tier storage innovation technology, automatically layered cache, precipitation, and backup data to ensure the integrity and availability of user data, and the data security is as high as 99.999%.


Provides multiple management methods such as console, remote terminal and API, giving you full management rights. Facilitate Server Management: Offer a user-friendly web console and API, enabling effortless actions such as server initiation, shutdown, reboot, and upgrading. Deliver real-time monitoring and reports on CPU, memory, and hard disk IO, keeping you informed about the operational state of your cloud server.


Rich instance specifications, flexible expansion, Hong Kong nodes, Taiwan nodes, to meet the diverse needs of users. The cloud server provides a wealth of instance specifications (CPU, memory) and bandwidth, and cloud disk options, and supports upgrades at any time to meet various business needs. 99.99% high availability guarantees the stable operation of the business.

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