CDN Acceleration

CDN help to improve performance, reduce load times and lower costs. Ultra-fast static and dynamic content delivery.

With MyAsiaCloud, 3 CDN acceleration nodes can share 1 set of high defense software to make sure the loading speed faster.


MyAsiaCloud CDN

Faster load times, better performance

Improve Website & App Performance

Faster load times result a better experience for web and mobile users, with our global edge network.

Massive Network Scale

Our global network spans over 300 cities and 100 countries. Operating within approximately 50 milliseconds of about 95% of the Internet-connected population globally.

Modern Static & Dynamic Caching

Utilize static & dynamic content delivery reducing response times & speeding up dynamic webpages.

Reduced Bandwidth Costs

Lower your hosting fees, with reduced requests to your origin server, minimizing bandwidth usage.

What is CDN?

Content delivery networks (CDN) are the transparent backbone of the Internet in charge of content delivery. Whether we know it or not, every one of us interacts with CDNs on a daily basis; when reading articles on news sites, shopping online, watching YouTube videos or perusing social media feeds.

No matter what you do, or what type of content you consume, chances are that you’ll find CDNs behind every character of text, every image pixel and every movie frame that gets delivered to your PC and mobile browser.

To understand why CDNs are so widely used, you first need to recognize the issue they’re designed to solve. Known as latency, its the annoying delay that occurs from the moment you request to load a web page to the moment its content actually appears onscreen.

Usage Of CDN

High-Speed Content Delivery

By combining static and dynamic internet content delivery, you can use CDNs to provide your customers with a global, high-performing, whole-site experience. For example, Reuters is the world's largest news wholesaler to top channels such as BBC, CNN, the New York Times, and the Washington Post. The news media challenge for Reuters is to deliver news content promptly to customers around the world. Reuters uses CDN service to minimize dependence on satellite link communication and create a cheaper, highly available, and secure globally distributed network platform.

Real-Time Streaming

CDNs help reliably and cost-effectively deliver rich and high-quality media files. Companies streaming video and audio use CDNs to overcome three challenges: reduce bandwidth costs, increase scale, and decrease delivery time. For example, Hulu is an online video streaming platform owned by the Walt Disney Company. It use to consistently stream more than 20 GBps of data to its growing customer base.

Multi-User Scaling

CDNs help support a large number of concurrent users. Website resources can manage only a limited number of client connections at a time. CDNs can rapidly scale this number by taking some of the load from the application server. For instance, King is a gaming company that builds socially connected, cross-platform games that can be played anytime, anywhere, and from any device. King has over 350 million players at any time, and they play 10.6 billion games a day on the platform.

Multi-CDN Acceleration Solution

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acceleration site

Myasiacloud focuses on resource integration, integrates the strengths of hundreds of companies, integrates high-quality resources and self-owned resources of many famous manufacturers, establishes a CDN global node and an intelligent scheduling system, provides the nearest node according to the actual business needs of customers, and improves the user’s quick access experience.

High-speed optimal BGP accelerated traffic package

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Multi-CDN function

CDN acceleration

● Registration-free CDN Acceleration in Mainland China
● Global acceleration
● Full-Site Acceleration for Dynamic and Static Content
● APK download acceleration

DDoS Defender

● Asia Pacific High Defense Resources
● Unlimited DDoS Defense
● Super CC Defense
● Fake Wall Attack Defense

Multi-CDN accelerated defense technology architecture


CDN Acceleration

MyasiaCloud Multi-CDN achieves coverage of users in mainland China and overseas through multiple CDN nodes distributed overseas and self-built nodes.
When the traffic is within the normal business traffic range, multi-round-trip CN2 acceleration is used to improve the access speed of users in mainland China. Users in other overseas countries can increase their access speed by accessing the nearest node.

(A, B, and C are the high-speed architecture of independent merchants, and merchants do not affect each other)

When DDoS and CC Attack - Initiate Defense

MyasiaCloud High Defense Multi-CDN has a number of upstream cleaners.
When the customer's business is facing DDoS and CC attacks, the intelligent dispatching system can quickly identify and detect the attack within 5 seconds, automatically switch the line defense mode, and point to the traffic cleaning centers distributed around the world (including KDDI, Incapsula...etc.)

Backhaul CN2 optimized line: After the attack traffic enters the cleaning center for cleaning, the clean traffic passes through CN2 to accelerate the backhaul to ensure network availability.

Multi-CDN defense add-on

—Professional Multi-CDN defense technology, 7×24 hours of technical team protection, you can expand your business with peace of mind

DDoS defense

DDoS defense

DDoS defense

DDoS defense

Suitable for foreign trade e-commerce, non-profit websites

Suitable for small games, e-commerce websites

Suitable for games,

financial websites

Suitable for gaming,

finance, payment sites

CC defense

200,000 concurrent connections/s

500,000 concurrent connections/second

1 million concurrent connections/second

custom made

DDoS Elastic Defense

300G-DDoS Defense

2 days/month

Unlimited – DDoS Defense

2 days/month

Unlimited – DDoS Defense always on

CC Defense Elastic Burst

1 million concurrent connections/second

2 million concurrent connections/second

custom made

clean traffic bandwidth




custom made


Automatic SSL Certificate Deployment

Anycast cleaning

Continental preferred BGP optimization

Black and white list

Technical customer support





API docking

Third-party scheduling, combined with multiple protections such as CF